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Entrance to Club Fido in Palmyra PA

Folks, I want to tell you right up front that this is not a paid advertisement – nor is the teaser on the right menu.  It also might sound like a commercial, but it really isn’t.  I just fell in love with Club Fido when I visited and have so many great things to say about it.

So if nobody paid me to do this, why am I doing it?  Well, I am telling you about Club Fido because I was concerned that the conditions at The Barking Lot at Hersheypark may not be the best your doggie family member could find in the area.   Since Hersheypark does not allow pets you do need to find someplace for your doggie friend to stay while you visit.

The Barking Lot at Hersheypark

I have visited the Barking Lot personally and though the employees are very friendly and do seem to love dogs, the area itself leaves a lot to be desired.  The building is mostly cement, the cages are small and the area was very noisy the day I visited – not from dogs, from the air conditioning unit which didn’t seem to be working all that well.  It was not a place I would want to board my pet for the day if I had any choice about it.

I love animals and want to see them happy and healthy so I went searching for another option for those of you visiting from out of town with your pets.  Through an internet search I found Club Fido Daycare & Dog Sports Training Center located very close to the park in Palmyra PA.

Some friends from Club Fido

I called up Deb Jacobs and talked her ear off for awhile about Club Fido and we made a date for me to come over and visit. I spent a few hours one Saturday in May visiting the facility and meeting Deb and Dan Jacobs who run the place along with a team of dedicated dog lovers.  They were nice enough to excuse my appearance – our town was hit with a tornado two days before the visit and I looked pretty rough.

Dan spent over an hour showing me around and explaining how they did things at Club Fido.  I was amazed at what they had to offer the dogs and their owners and how much they cared about the animals being happy in their environment.

Indoor Play area at Club Fido

Club Fido is both a Daycare and Dog Training center.  They have a huge indoor area for the dogs to room in with large spacious pens for each dog surrounded by picket fences!  Folks who leave there dogs bring the dogs food in single serving packets but the folks at Club Fido take care of the rest.  The dogs are closely monitored when they arrive to determine if they would behave well with other dogs and if not they have a nice big area to themselves to play and rest while you tour the park.

Look white picket fences - not cages!

One half of the facility is open to allow for agility training, obedience training and swimming in the afternoons for dogs who are in the complex.  Of course, they don’t get to swim until after their peanut butter Kong and a nap!  (If your dog is allergic to peanut butter, just let them know and they can provide another snack for them.)

Kongs ready to go for snack time

I could not believe how happy the dogs – and the people – were at Club Fido.  There just is no comparison.

Wall of Friends at Club Fido

Please, if you are traveling with your dog to Hersheypark give Dan and Deb a call to see if they can care for your family pet.  It’s the choice between concrete and wire at the Barking Lot or picket fences and swimming pools at Club Fido.  You are having a great day at the park – your dog should get a vacation too.

Forget something at home? Club Fido probably has it, including food.

My thanks to Deb and Dan for letting me visit Club Fido so I could share it with all of you.

You can find the current contact information and driving directions for Club Fido on their website here.

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  6 Responses to “Traveling to Hersheypark with your dog? Forget the Barking Lot, take them to Club Fido Daycare & Dog Sports Training Center”

  1. I’m so glad you highlighted Club Fido! What a great place for dogs! I take my dog there about once every week or two, and definitely if I’m going on vacation. She has such a blast and even has her own ‘pack’ of dog friends. They just started doing overnights, where the dog spends the day at the club, and then goes home with Deb and Dan for the evening. The pricing is extremely reasonable for what you get, some kennels charge twice that and just leave the dogs penned!

    (I promised I don’t work for Club Fido. Ha!)

  2. Thanks Emily for sharing your experiences with Club Fido. Seemed like all the dogs were having a great time when I was there!

  3. I wish that I could share the enthusiasm of the other posters but I has a very different experience. After I submitted all the forms and spoke to the folks there about putting my dog in day care while we went to Hershey park I arrived to find that the place was closed. When I called the owners cell they seemed confused and then offered to “come in 15 mins” to open it up. Every other daycare I have taken my dog to had more than one dog. Needless to say I didn’t feel comfortable leaving me pet there. Luckily there was still space at the barking lot. Like others have said it is pretty no frills but at least they seemed responsible.

  4. I just came back from Hershey and took my dog to Club Fido and I was so happy that my dog did well there and she made friends. My dog is a very nervous dog and is attached to her Mommy and has never left us for a long period of time. Well, Club Fido made me feel so comfortable that my dog would be o.k. and they even sent me a text of my dog sitting on Dan’s lap and that was very impressive as my dog does not willingly go to too many people. We had a great time at the park all because of how GREAT Club Fido was to my dog!! Hopefully, we will be able to do the same thing next year!!
    Thanks Club Fido!!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Club Fido Kelly. It makes it so much easier to take a family trip when you know EVERYONE will have a good time. :-)

  6. I have heard from people who use to work at Club Fido that they are very mean to the dogs. would NEVER take my dog there!

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