Apr 092014
Hersheypark's Boardwalk - safe water fun

Hersheypark’s Boardwalk – Closed during Springtime in the Park

Last Updated 4/19/14 to announce Scrambler is back and Sweet Swing is up and running.
Updated 4/15/14 to explain cold affected rides
Updated 4/12/14 – Scrambler and Claw were closed today.  Scrambler is completely missing and Tiny Timbers has been removed.

So there are a lot of rides open at Hersheypark during Springtime in the Park and you can find them listed here, but a more important list for families who have favorite rides is the one that shows what rides will NOT be open.  Most of them involve water or are new for 2014.  I’ve got them listed below:

 The Hollow

  • Sweet Swing – new for 2014, family swing ride  THIS RIDE IS OPEN AS OF 4/18/14!
  • Tea Cups – new for 2014, yep, just like Disney

Kissing Tower Hill

  • Coal Cracker

Founder’s Way

  • Cocoa Cruiser – new for 2014 family coaster
  • Tiny Timbers – this ride has been removed to make room for the Cocoa Cruiser

The Boardwalk

  • Entire area is Closed including Tidal Force  (Tidal Force did have water in it today 4/12 so if hot temps continue you *might* see it open the last weekend, don’t bank on it though)

What Rides are affected if it is cold?

Well, I’m checking the weather channel for the second weekend of Springtime in the Park and it appears night temps are going to be dipping kinda low.  It is worth mentioning that many of the roller coasters at Hersheypark are affected by cold temperatures and rain. (Which is also in the forecast for the weekend as of today 4/15.)

Hersheypark covers this information on their website here sort of, but it says the rides affected by temps are DARKER than the others on the pages here, but they all look the same to me.  Might be my browser, dunno.  But, a link I have from Halloween is still active showing the park’s information on cold sensitive rides.  Try clicking here.  The rides in yellow are cold sensitive.

Or you can look at my list of the big 13 cold sensitive rides taken from that Halloween listing:

  1. Comet
  2. Sooperdooperlooper
  3. Skyrush
  4. Flying Falcon
  5. Great Bear
  6. Kissing Tower
  7. Monorail
  8. Fahrenheit
  9. Storm Runner
  10. Sidewinder
  11. Lightening Racer
  12. Wildcat
  13. Wild Mouse
Apr 092014

Be ready when you get to the park – the 2014 Springtime in the Park parking fee is $8 for regular cars – it’ll be more for bigger vehicles but they do not say how much more.  If you plan to leave by car and come back in the same day save your parking stub to get free-reentry.

Season passholders get free parking as usual!

Apr 032014
Kiddie Swap works great on Sunoco Speedway and Fahrenheit

Kiddie Swap works great on Sunoco Speedway and Fahrenheit

(Note: I’ve got “parent’ in the title of this post just to make it easier to type, but this applies to grandparents, older siblings, uncles or any other people accompanying children to Hersheypark.)

Kiddie Swap works at Hersheypark for two distinct situations.  Hersheypark talks about Kiddie Swap on their website FAQ here but here is my explanation.

Two parents and a height restricted ride

If you are parents of young children and you still crave the thrill of the coasters and other rides small children are not tall enough to ride, use the Kiddie Swap to allow both parents to ride.  Enter the ride queue as normal with the whole family.  One at the front of the line tell the attendant you’d like to use Kiddie Swap. One parent rides while the other waits to the side with the children who are unable to ride.  When the first parent returns the parents swap so the second parent can ride the ride.

One parent with two or more children and a ride that requires a responsible rider

If you are parent who has two ore more children who want to ride a ride but each needs a responsible rider to go along – like the bumper cars or the Sunoco Speedway, the Kiddie Swap will allow you to take all the children on the ride individually.

Enter the ride queue as a family and when you reach the ride entrance tell the attendant you’d like to use the Kiddie Swap  The parent takes the first child on the ride while the second child waits in a safe spot near the attendant.  Once the first child returns the children switch spots and the parent rides with the second child.

Apr 032014
Engine Janelle of the Dry Gulch Railroad

Engine Janelle of the Dry Gulch Railroad

Last Updated 4/13/14 – Added photo of Barber

I love trains so the Dry Gulch Railroad at Hersheypark is one of my favorite rides, but I’ve ridden enough times with small children to know that some of the props can be scary to them and even to some adults.  Even adults who are now Marines.  :-)

This post contains spoilers so if you don’t want to know what is on the ride, stop here and go search for hmmm, pressed pennies. Yep that’ll keep you busy.


All of the items that seem to cause problems with adults and children will come up on your LEFT if you are riding in a forward facing seat – meaning you are facing the engine.  If you are riding a backward facing seat (with the engine behind you) then all these things will be on your RIGHT.

To avoid them, sit on the other side of the seat.  (Right if you are riding forward, left if you are riding backward.)

The thing that bothers some adults, some children and even one Marine I know (Hi Skeetr!)  is a large (fake) rattlesnake.  He spits water most of the time and you will get a little wet and he moves forward toward the train.

The Spraying Rattlesnake

The Spraying Rattlesnake

The other two things that often bother small children are a crazed barber with a razor that moves out of shadows of the barber shop and a skeleton that swings from a rope and moves toward the train.  These items come up just past the tipis so if your children don’t like that sort of thing, distract them by having them look out of the train the other way to the rest of the park.

Mr. Skeleton

Mr. Skeleton


The Barber

The Barber