Jul 132009

Fido can ride the train with you!!

Updated Spring 2011: Yep, you read that right.  You can bring your canine friends to Knoebels with you so they can have fun at the park too and they can ride both trains in the park.  There are a few restrictions such as they must be on a leash, you must pick up after them and generally they are not allowed into food places or shops.

On each of our trips we’ve seen MANY dogs.  One thing to remember is to bring a bowl for your canine friend to have a drink of water often throughout the day.  There are many drinking fountains at Knoebels so finding him some water will not be a problem.

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  2 Responses to “Are Pets allowed at Knoebels? Dogs are, and they can ride the trains!”

  1. Can dogs come into the part during the Covered Bridge art festical as well?


  2. Hi Kathy. As far as I know dogs are always welcome, but maybe a call to the park would be a good idea just in case. You can reach them at 800-487-4386.

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