Apr 172012
Save a little on Dutch Wonderland

The most popular question I’ve had so far in 2012 from readers is how to save money on tickets to Dutch Wonderland.  After a lot of waiting I finally have some information for you.

Central Penn AAA offices have tickets for Dutch Wonderland for $32 (same price adult, child or senior) but you must be a AAA member and not all offices have them.  The tickets the AAA offices carry are based on regional venues so you want to hit a AAA close to Dutch Wonderland and I’d definitely call in advance to be sure they have them.  You can find a listing of the Central Penn AAA offices here.
I also contacted Dutch Wonderland about the promo code box you can see on their website on the ticket page.  They would not give me any info on promo codes (but there must be some out there if that box is there… please share if you find them!) but they did send the following:
“You can find coupons for $2 off an admission ticket at fast food restaurants such as Wendy’s, Subway, Taco Bell, and Burger King. You can also find the same coupon at CVS, Friendly’s and Wawa. Just look near the registers for a Hershey Park slip; the Dutch Wonderland portion will be near the bottom.” My thanks goes out to Caitlin for that information.
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  1. 131963 still works!!! used today!!

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