Jul 172013
Delgrosso's Act 1994-58 sign

Delgrosso’s Act 1994-58 sign

Ever seen the sign above in a Pennsylvania Amusement park?  Did you ever stop to read it?  Bet you didn’t, but you really should.

What is displayed on these signs is PA Act 1994-58 Section 3, the rules a rider in an amusement park must follow.  If you do not follow the rules as stated you may be dismissed from the park without a refund.

Want to read it in writing?  Check out the full text of PA Act 1994-58 on the state website here.  Or just enlarge the photo above.


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Dec 202011

Here is a ride that didn’t have a single rider the whole time I was at Delgrosso’s in summer 2011 so I’m not surprised that it is on the auction block.  The Super Spiral is a Super Round up flat ride which at one time could be seen at every carnival and festival.  We don’t see them too much around here anymore and I guess we won’t be seeing it at Delgrosso’s either. You can see the sale listing for the ride here.

Hmm…. First the Flying Bobs, now the Super Spiral. Two rides gone in the same general area… could Delgrosso’s be planning something big for 2012?  We’ll have to wait and see!

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Dec 202011

I’m so glad I visited the park to get to see the Flying Bobs before they were replaced.  I’d never seen a ride of that type before in person.  Delgrosso’s has shown the empty spot where the Bobs were on its Facebook page and posted a teaser photo of what Santa has brought Buddy Bear. Guess we’ll have to wait for the official word though someone has posted a guess on Facebook.  Check out the news here.

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Jun 282011

Kids Kingdom entrance and ticket booths at Delgrosso's

Delgrosso’s Amusement Park is one of those great parks that has a special section devoted to smaller children.  Their kids area is called Kid’s Kingdom and it features rides that are available to nearly all children.  My one complaint is that many of the rides do not accomodate parents so if your child is very young or is a hesitant rider, you may have trouble getting them on the rides alone.

Delgrosso’s Website features a ride/height listing here and each ride sign at the park posts who can ride it.  This information is not in their park brochure.

Here are the rides in the Kid’s Kingdom with their height requirements:

Whale ride - under 52 inches, no parents

Boat Ride - under 52 inches, no parents

Helicopters - under 52 inches, no parents

Turtle ride - under 52 inches, no parents

Elephant ride - must be under 52 inches, no parents

Dizzy Dragons - over 36 inches tall with adult, 42 inches w/o adult - only ride parents can ride in Kid's Kingdom

Corvette Race Cars, under 52 inches, no parents

Fire Trucks, must be under 52 inches, no parents

I unfortunately don’t have a good picture of the Kiddie Carousel, but it too has a height limit of under 52 inches but parents can accompany the child to hold them.

There are other rides at Delgrosso’s that younger guests can enjoy outside Kid’s Kingdom as well depending on their height.  Rides guests 36 inches and taller can ride are the full size carousel, scrambler, flying bobs, train and wacky worm.  Free fall is available for those 38 inches and taller.  For a full listing of rides at Delgrosso’s with their height requirements and limitations, check here.


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