Jul 172013
Delgrosso's Act 1994-58 sign

Delgrosso’s Act 1994-58 sign

Ever seen the sign above in a Pennsylvania Amusement park?  Did you ever stop to read it?  Bet you didn’t, but you really should.

What is displayed on these signs is PA Act 1994-58 Section 3, the rules a rider in an amusement park must follow.  If you do not follow the rules as stated you may be dismissed from the park without a refund.

Want to read it in writing?  Check out the full text of PA Act 1994-58 on the state website here.  Or just enlarge the photo above.


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Dec 172011

Dorney Park will be getting a new Dinosaurs Alive! attraction for 2012.  Created by Dinosaurs Unearthed, the attraction will feature up close and personal interaction with a cast of more than 35 life size animatronic dinosaurs.  If you want to see more about the company bringing this new attraction to life at Doreny Park, check out the Dinosaurs Unearthed website here.

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Dec 172011

Dorney Park’s new-to-them ride, Stinger, has completed basic construction and now they are working on the station.  NewsPlusNotes has a really nice update on
their blog here. The Stinger used to reside on the West Coast at California’s Great America.  It was built in 1998 by Vekoma and was removed from that park in 2011. Stinger will open at Dorney Park for the 2012 season.

You can find the details of this ride, and everything else you might want to know about anything amusement park related, on Wikipedia in their Amusement Parks Portal here.

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Jun 102011

This has been all over the local news.  Cedar Fair (owners of Dorney Park and Wildwater) made a bid to Lehigh County for the 7 acres adjacent to the park.  The bid was accepted.   You can see one news article about the deal here.

My hope is that Dorney will get a chance at some new rides of its own since lately all its been getting is hand-me-downs.  OK, they did get brand new Planet Snoopy and I love the beagle so I can’t knock that overhaul, but adults might appreciate something new too.

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Apr 072011

The online website SouthWhitehallPatch has reported that the local authorities have approved the plan for Dorney Park to add a new inverted coaster in 2012. 

The coaster is reportedly going to be the Invertigo coaster formerly operated at California’s Great America park.  Information on California’s Great America’s website here supports this statement without directly saying where the coaster will be going.  Nothing is posted at Dorney Park’s public website yet.

You can see the full article here.  Or you can read another article from the Morning Call here.

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